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Our catalogue software is currently under review. The following is our recently updated plant list showing plants that are currently available or scheduled for propagation at some point during the current season.

Our full list complete with descriptions may be obtained by sending 4 x 1st class stamps to:
Moorland Cottage Plants
Rhyd y Groes

Please browse through the list to see if we have the plants you require. Our plants are sold as large, well established specimens in round pots of 150mm (6 inches) or larger. They are competatively priced and Herbaceous Perennials generally cost 2.50 to 2.90 for a 150mm pot.

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The plant list is quite lengthy. To go to specific locations in the list please click on the appropriate part of the section below.

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Herbaceous Perennials

Perennial Plants for all situations are our main speciality. We offer a wide range of flowering and foliage plants to suit all conditions. The vast majority of plants are slug proof and are grown in the garden without the use of slug pellets.


Acaena novae-zealandiae
Acaena saccaticula Blue Haze
Acanthus mollis
Achillea cartilaginea Silver Spray
Achillea millefolium pink shades
Achillea ptarmica The Pearl Group
Achillea sibirica camschatica Love Parade
Aegopodium podagraria Variegatum
Agastache rugosa
Ajuga reptans
Ajuga reptans Alba
Ajuga reptans Braunherz
Ajuga reptans Burgundy Glow
Ajuga reptans Catlins Giant
Ajuga reptans Multicolour
Ajuga reptans Pink Surprise
Ajuga reptans Rosea
Ajuga reptans Variegata
Alchemilla erythropoda
Alchemilla mollis
Allium tuberosum Blue Form
Anaphalis margaritacea
Anemone hybrida
Anemone hybrida Honorine Jobert
Anemone hybrida Serenade
Anemone hybrida Whirlwind
Anemone japonica Prinz Heinrich
Anemone rivularis
Anemone tomentosa Robustissima
Angelica gigas
Anthemis tinctoria Kelwayi
Antirrhinum majus Black Prince
Antirrhinum siculum
Aquilegia Mellow Yellow
Aquilegia Roman Bronze
Aquilegia Sunburst Ruby
Aquilegia vulgaris
Aquilegia vulgaris Nora Barlow
Aquilegia vulgaris stellata Firewheel
Armeria maritima
Armeria maritima Splendens
Artemisia lactiflora
Artemisia lactiflora Guizhou Group
Arum italicum var.italicum Marmoratum
Aruncus aethusifolius
Aruncus dioicus
Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet
Asclepias incarnata Soul Mate
Aster cordifolius Elegans
Aster divaricatus
Aster novae-angliae
Aster novae-angliae Andenken an Alma Potschke
Aster novae-angliae Purple Dome
Aster novi-belgii
Aster novi-belgii Eventide
Aster novi-belgii Professor Anton Kippenburg
Aster novi-belgii Starlight
Astilbe arendsii Amythyst
Astilbe arendsii Bressingham Beauty
Astilbe arendsii Bumalda
Astilbe arendsii Cattleya
Astilbe arendsii Erika
Astilbe arendsii Fanal
Astilbe arendsii Gloria Purpurea (Crimson Feather)
Astilbe arendsii Granat
Astilbe arendsii Kvele
Astilbe arendsii Venus
Astilbe arendsii Weisse Gloria
Astilbe Bronce Elegans (Bronze Elegance)
Astilbe chinensis Purpurlanze
Astilbe chinensis taquetii Superba
Astilbe chinensis var. pumila
Astilbe crispa Perkeo
Astilbe Europa
Astilbe Maggie Daley
Astilbe rosea Peach Blossom
Astilbe Sprite
Astilbe Straussenfeder (Ostrich Plume)
Astilbe Willie Buchanan
Astrantia major
Astrantia major Buckland
Astrantia major rosea
Astrantia major Sunningdale Variegated
Aubretia Bengal Hybrids


Ballota nigra
Barbarea vulgaris Variegata
Bidens heterophylla
Borago pygmaea
Boykinia rotundifolia
Brunnera macrophylla


Calamintha grandiflora
Calamintha nepeta
Calamintha nepeta Blue Cloud
Calamintha nepeta glandulosa
Caltha palustris
Campanula lactiflora
Campanula lactiflora Loddon Anna
Campanula lactiflora Prichards Variety
Campanula ochroleuca
Campanula persicifolia
Campanula persicifolia Telham Beauty
Campanula poscharskyana
Campanula poscharskyana E.H. Frost
Campanula poscharskyana Lisduggan Variety
Campanula poscharskyana Stella
Campanula primulaefolia
Cardamine pratensis
Cardamine pratensis William
Cardamine raphanifolia
Catananche caerulea
Centaurea montana
Centaurea montana alba
Centranthus ruber
Centranthus ruber albus
Cephalaria dipsacoides
Chelone glabra
Chelone lyonii
Chelone obliqua
Chelonopsis moschata
Chiastophyllum oppositifolium Jims Pride
Chrysoganum virginianum
Chrysoplenium davidianum
Cimicifuga simplex White Pearl
Claytonia virginica
Coreopsis lanceolata Sterntaler
Coreopsis rosea American Dream
Cornus canadensis
Corydalis flexuosa
Corydalis flexuosa China Blue
Corydalis flexuosa Purple Leaf
Crocosmia crocosmiiflora
Crocosmia crocosmiiflora George Davison (syn. Golden Fleece)
Crocosmia crocosmiiflora Lady Hamilton
Crocosmia crocosmiiflora Solfaterre
Crocosmia Lucifer
Crocosmia masoniorum
Crocosmia paniculata
Crocosmia Severn Sunrise
Cymbalaria muralis Kenilworth White
Cymbalaria pallida
Cynoglossum nervosum


Darmera peltata (syn. Peltiphyllum peltatum)
Datisca cannabina
Dianthus deltoides
Dianthus deltoides Arctic Fire
Dianthus deltoides Nelli
Dianthus knappii
Dianthus plumarius
Diascia rigescens
Diascia Salmon Supreme
Dicentra Adrian Bloom
Dicentra Bacchanal
Dicentra eximia Snowdrift
Dicentra formosa
Dicentra Pearl Drops
Dicentra spectabilis
Dicentra spectabilis Alba
Dicentra Stuart Boothman
Dierama igneum CD&R 278
Dierama pulcherrimum
Digitalis davisiana
Digitalis mertonensis
Digitalis parviflora
Digitalis purpurea
Digitalis purpurea albiflora
Digitalis purpurea Apricot
Digitalis purpurea Heywoodii
Digitalis stewartii
Dodecatheon meadia
Dodecatheon meadia Goliath
Dracocephalum botroides
Duchesnea indica
Duchesnia indica Snowflakes


Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea purpurea White Swan
Eomecon chionantha
Epilobium angustifolium var. album
Epilobium dodonei
Epimedium alpinum
Epimedium grandiflorum Lilafee
Epimedium rubrum
Epimedium versicolor Sulphureum
Epimedium youngianum Niveum
Equisetum scirpoides
Erigeron karvinskianus
Eupatorium rugosum Chocolate
Euphorbia palustris


Fallopia japonica compacta
Filipendula camtschatica
Filipendula Kahome
Filipendula multijuga (palmata Nana)
Filipendula palmata
Filipendula purpurea
Filipendula purpurea albiflora
Filipendula rubra Venusta
Filipendula ulmaria Aurea
Filipendula vulgaris Multiplex
Foeniculum vulgare
Fragaria ananassa Variegata
Fragaria chiloensis Chaval
Fragaria Red Ruby
Fragaria vesca Fructo Albo
Francoa sonchifolia
Francoa sonchifolia Rodgersons Form


Galega officinalis
Galium odoratum
Geranium albanum
Geranium albiflorum
Geranium Ann Folkard
Geranium aristatum
Geranium asphodeloides
Geranium asphodeloides white form
Geranium Brookside
Geranium cantabrigiense
Geranium cantabrigiense Cambridge
Geranium cantabrigiense St Ola
Geranium Chantilly
Geranium clarkei
Geranium clarkei Kashmir Pink
Geranium clarkei Kashmir Purple
Geranium clarkei Kashmir White
Geranium Coombland White
Geranium endressii
Geranium gracile
Geranium hayatanum
Geranium himalayense
Geranium himalayense Baby Blue
Geranium himalayense Gravetye
Geranium himalayense Irish Blue
Geranium himalayense Plenum
Geranium ibericum subsp. jubatum
Geranium Johnsons Blue
Geranium Joy
Geranium Kashmir Blue
Geranium koraiense
Geranium macrorrhizum
Geranium macrorrhizum Album
Geranium macrorrhizum Bevans Variety
Geranium macrorrhizum Czakor
Geranium macrorrhizum Ingwersons Variety
Geranium macrorrhizum White Ness
Geranium maculatum albiflorum
Geranium magnificum
Geranium monacense
Geranium monacense dark form
Geranium monacense Muldoon
Geranium monacense var. anglicum
Geranium monacense Variegatum
Geranium Nimbus
Geranium nodosum
Geranium nodosum Svelte Lilac
Geranium nodosum Swish Purple
Geranium nodosum Whiteleaf
Geranium ocellatum
Geranium orientalitibeticum
Geranium oxonianum
Geranium oxonianum A.T. Johnson
Geranium oxonianum Bregover Pearl
Geranium oxonianum Claridge Druce
Geranium oxonianum Coronet
Geranium oxonianum David McClintock
Geranium oxonianum Frank Lawley
Geranium oxonianum Hollywood
Geranium oxonianum Lace Time
Geranium oxonianum Miriam Rundle
Geranium oxonianum Moorland Jenny
Geranium oxonianum Moorland Star
Geranium oxonianum Pat Smallacombe
Geranium oxonianum Pheobe Noble
Geranium oxonianum Rebecca Moss
Geranium oxonianum Rose Clair
Geranium oxonianum Rosenlicht
Geranium oxonianum Sherwood
Geranium oxonianum Southcombe Double
Geranium oxonianum Southcombe Star
Geranium oxonianum Thurstonianum
Geranium oxonianum Walters Gift
Geranium oxonianum Winscombe
Geranium palustre
Geranium Patricia
Geranium phaeum
Geranium phaeum Album
Geranium phaeum Calligrapher
Geranium phaeum Joan Baker
Geranium phaeum Lily Lovell
Geranium phaeum lividum Majus
Geranium phaeum Moorland Dylan
Geranium phaeum Mourning Widow
Geranium phaeum Rose Air
Geranium phaeum Rose Madder
Geranium phaeum Samobor
Geranium phaeum Variegatum
Geranium Phillippe Vapelle
Geranium pogonanthum
Geranium potentilloides
Geranium pratense
Geranium pratense f. albiflorum Silver Queen
Geranium procurrens
Geranium psilostenum
Geranium psilostenum Bressingham Flair
Geranium pylzowianum
Geranium regelii
Geranium renardii
Geranium renardii Zetterland
Geranium sanguineum
Geranium sanguineum Bloody Graham
Geranium sanguineum Elsbeth
Geranium sanguineum Glenluce
Geranium sanguineum Max Frei
Geranium Sirak
Geranium soboliferum
Geranium Spinners
Geranium Sue Crug
Geranium sylvaticum
Geranium sylvaticum Album
Geranium sylvaticum Amy Doncaster
Geranium sylvaticum Angulatum
Geranium sylvaticum Bakers Pink
Geranium sylvaticum Birch Lilac
Geranium sylvaticum Mayflower
Geranium versicolour
Geranium versicolour Snow White
Geranium yoshinoi
Geum Borisii
Geum Coppertone
Geum Georgenburg
Geum intermedium
Geum Karlskaer
Geum Lemon drops
Geum Marika
Geum Moorland Sorbet
Geum Mrs J. Bradshaw
Geum Prince of Orange
Geum Prinzes Juliana
Geum rivale
Geum rivale Album
Geum rivale Leonards Double?
Geum rivale Leonards Variety
Gunnera magellanica


Helenium autumnale
Helenium autumnale red and gold mix
Helleborus mixed hybrids
Helleborus orientalis purple
Hemerocallis Black Magic
Hemerocallis Cartwheels
Hemerocallis Childrens Festival
Hemerocallis Cream Drops
Hemerocallis Golden Chimes
Hemerocallis Michele Coe
Hemerocallis Neyron Rose
Hemerocallis Pink Damask
Hemerocallis Sammy Russel
Hemerocallis Stella dOro
Hemerocallis Summer Interlude
Hesperis matronalis
Heucherella alba Rosalie
Heucherella Dayglow Pink
Heucherella Viking Ship
Hosta undulata univittata


Inula helenium
Iris Blue Velvet
Iris chrysographes black
Iris ensata
Iris ensata Carnival Prince
Iris ensata Darling
Iris ensata Innocence
Iris ensata Laughing Lion
Iris ensata Light at Dawn
Iris ensata Rose Queen
Iris ensata Variegata
Iris pseudacorus
Iris pseudacorus Variegata
Iris robusta Gerald Darby
Iris sanguinea Snow Queen
Iris sibirica
Iris sibirica Blue King
Iris sibirica Butter and Sugar
Iris sibirica Flight of Butterflies
Iris sibirica Harpswell Happiness
Iris sibirica Illini Charm
Iris sibirica Persimmon
Iris sibirica Ruffled Velvet
Iris sibirica Shirley Pope
Iris sibirica Silver Edge
Iris sibirica Welcome Return
Iris versicolour Kermesina



Kalimeris incisa
Kitaibela vitifolia
Knautia arvensis
Knautia macedonica
Kniphofia Little Maid
Kniphofia Royal Standard


Lamium maculatum
Lamium maculatum Pink Pearls
Lathryrus latifolius
Leontodon ringens
Leptinella minor
Leptinella squalida Platts Black
Leucanthemum superbum (syn. Chrysanthemum maximum)
Leucanthemum superbum Phyllis Smith
Leucanthemum superbum Polaris
Leucanthemum superbum Sonnenschein (Sunshine)
Leucanthemum superbum Wirral Supreme
Ligularia sibirica
Limonium platyphyllum
Linaria dalmatica
Linaria purpurea
Linaria purpurea Canon Went
Linaria purpurea Springside White
Linaria triornithophora
Lobelia Cherry Ripe
Lobelia Eulalia Berridge
Lobelia Fan Zinnoberrosa (Cinnabar Rose)
Lobelia gerardii
Lobelia siphilitica
Lobelia siphilitica Alba
Lobelia speciosa
Lupinus arboreus blue form
Lychnis chalcedonica
Lychnis chalcedonica Rosea
Lychnis coronaria
Lychnis flos-cuculi
Lychnis flos-cuculi albiflora
Lychnis viscaria Feuer
Lychnis yunnanensis
Lysimachia atropurpurea
Lysimachia cileata Firecracker
Lysimachia clethroides
Lysimachia nummularia Aurea
Lysimachia punctata
Lysimachia punctata Alexander
Lysimachia vulgaris
Lysimachia yunnanensis
Lythrum salicaria


Malva moschata
Malva moschata f. alba
Meconopsis betonicifolia
Meconopsis nepaulensis
Meconopsis regia
Melissa officinalis
Melissa officinalis Aurea (syn. Variegata)
Mentha aquatica
Mentha cervina
Mentha cervina alba
Mentha requienii
Mentha suaveolens Variegata
Mimulus Highland Orange
Mimulus Mystic
Mimulus ringens
Mitella breweri
Mitella caulescens
Mitella yoshinagae
Monarda didyma Goldmelise
Monarda fistulosa
Myosotis scorpiodes


Nepeta parnassica
Nepeta stewartiana


Oenothera fruticosa Camel
Oenothera fruticosa Sonnenwende
Oenothera Lemon Sunset
Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens
Origanum Dingle Fairy
Origanum laevigatum
Origanum laevigatum Herrenhausen
Origanum Rosenkuppel
Origanum vulgare
Origanum vulgare Aureum
Origanum vulgare Compactum
Origanum vulgare Polyphant
Origanum vulgare Thumbles Variety
Oxalis ex Mt Stewart


Papaver orientale
Papaver orientale Orange Glow
Papaver orientale Royal Wedding
Papaver rupifragum Flore Pleno (Orange Feather)
Papaver spicatum (syn. Papaver heldreichii)
Papaver triniifolium
Patrinia triloba
Patrinia triloba palmata
Penstemon Alice Hindley
Penstemon Apple Blossom
Penstemon Blackbird
Penstemon Mother of Pearl
Penstemon Schoenholzeri (Firebird)
Penstemon Sour Grapes
Penstemon Threave Pink
Perovskia Blue Spire
Persicaria affinis
Persicaria amplexicaulis
Persicaria amplexicaulis Alba
Persicaria amplexicaulis Inverleith
Persicaria amplexicaulis Pendula
Persicaria amplexicaulis rosea
Persicaria amplexicaulis Rowden Gem
Persicaria bistorta
Persicaria bistorta Superba
Persicaria campanulata
Persicaria campanulata Alba Group
Persicaria runcinata
Persicaria tenuicaulis
Persicaria virginiana
Persicaria virginiana Painters Palette
Persicaria wallichii
Persicaria weyreichii
Petasites japonicus giganteus Nishiki-buki
Peucedanum verticillare
Phlomis russeliana
Phlox paniculata
Phlox paniculata Blue Boy
Phlox paniculata Eva Cullum
Phlox paniculata Tenor
Phuopsis stylosa
Phygelius aequalis Yellow Trumpet
Phygelius rectus African Queen
Phygelius rectus Devils Tears
Phygelius rectus Moonraker
Phygelius rectus Salmon Leap
Phygelius rectus Winchester Fanfare
Phygelius Trewidden Pink
Physostegia virginiana
Physostegia virginiana Crown of Snow
Physostegia virginiana Olympic Gold
Physostegia virginiana subsp. speciosa Bouquet Rose
Physostegia virginiana subsp. speciosa Variegata
Physostegia virginiana Vivid
Phytolacca americana
Plantago major Rubrifolia
Polemonium Lambrook Mauve
Polemonium Northern Lights (syn. richardsonii)
Polemonium pauciflorum
Potentilla Arc-en-ciel
Potentilla atrosanguinea
Potentilla atrosanguinea var. argyrophylla
Potentilla Melton Fire
Potentilla nepalensis Roxana
Potentilla palustris
Potentilla recta Sulphurea
Potentilla thurberi
Potentilla thurberi Monarchs Velvet
Potentilla William Rollison
Primula bulleesiana
Primula denticulata
Primula denticulata alba
Primula denticulata dark shades
Primula denticulata Rubin
Primula florindae
Primula florindae orange
Primula japonica
Primula japonica Millars Crimson
Primula japonica Postford White
Primula pulverulenta
Primula veris
Primula veris orange
Primula vialii
Primula wilsonii
Prunella grandiflora Light Blue
Prunella grandiflora Rubra
Pulmonaria Blue Ensign
Pulmonaria Cotton Cool
Pulmonaria longifolia Ankum
Pulmonaria Mary Mottram
Pulmonaria Mawsons Blue
Pulmonaria officinalis Blue Mist
Pulmonaria officinalis White Wings
Pulmonaria Roy Davidson
Pulmonaria rubra Red Start
Pulmonaria Sissinghurst White
Pulmonaria Smoky Blue


Ranunculus acris citrinus
Ranunculus acris Flore Pleno
Ranunculus constantinopolitanus Plenus
Rodgersia pinnata
Rodgersia pinnata Superba
Rodgersia podophylla
Rudbeckia fulgida
Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii Goldsturm
Rudbeckia lacineata
Rudbeckia triloba


Sanguisorba obtusa
Sanguisorba officinalis
Saponaria officinalis
Saponaria officinalis Rosea Plena
Saxifraga apiculata Alba
Saxifraga Aureopunctata
Saxifraga geum Dentata
Saxifraga Miss Chambers (syn. Chambers Pink Pride)
Saxifraga stolonifera
Saxifraga umbrosa
Saxifraga Variegata (cuneifolia)
Schizostylis coccinea
Schizostylis coccinea alba
Schizostylis coccinea Jack Frost
Schizostylis coccinea Major
Schizostylis coccinea Sunrise
Schizostylis coccinea Zeal Salmon
Sedum Matrona
Sedum Ruby Glow
Sedum spectabile
Sedum spectabile Brilliant
Sedum spectabile Carmen
Sedum spectabile Indian Chief
Sedum spurium Fuldaglut
Sedum telephium Munstead Red
Sedum telephium subsp. reprechtii
Sedum Vera Jameson
Sidalcea candida Bianca
Sidalcea Croftway Red
Sidalcea Elsie Heugh
Sidalcea Moorland Rose Coronet
Sidalcea Mrs Borrodaile
Sidalcea Mrs T. Alderson
Sidalcea oregana Brilliant
Sidalcea oregana spicata
Sidalcea Party Girl
Sidalcea Sussex Beauty
Silene dioica
Silene dioica Thelma Kaye
Silene uniflora
Silene uniflora Compacta
Sisyrinchium Biscutella
Sisyrinchium Blue Ice
Sisyrinchium Californian Skies
Sisyrinchium E.K. Balls
Solidago Goldkind (syn. Golden Baby)
Stachys byzantina
Stachys byzantina Silver Carpet
Stachys macrantha Alba
Stachys macrantha Superba
Stachys officinalis Rosea Superba
Stokesia laevis Omega Skyrocket
Stokesia laevis Traumeri
Strobilanthes atropurpurea
Strobilanthes attenuatus
Symphytum caucasicum
Symphytum Hidcote Blue
Symphytum Hidcote Pink
Symphytum ibericum All Gold
Symphytum ibericum Blaueglocken
Symphytum ibericum dwarf
Symphytum ibericum Wisley Blue
Symphytum uplandicum Moorland Heather
Symphytum uplandicum Variegatum


Telekia speciosa (syn Bupthalmum speciosum)
Tellima grandiflora
Tellima grandiflora Forest Frost
Tellima grandiflora Odorata Group
Tellima grandiflora Purpurteppich
Tellima grandiflora Rubra Group
Teucrium chamaedrys Rose
Teucrium hircanicum
Thalictrum delavayi
Thalictrum delavayi Album
Thalictrum flavum subsp. glaucum
Thalictrum rochebrunianum
Tiarella cordifolia
Tiarella cordifolia Greenmarsh
Tiarella cordifolia Running Tapestry
Tiarella Inkblot
Tiarella Iron Butterfly
Tiarella Pink Bouquet
Tiarella Spring Symphony
Tiarella Tiger Stripe
Tiarella wherryi Bronze Beauty
Trachystemon orientalis
Tradescantia andersoniana
Tradescantia andersoniana Billberry Ice
Tradescantia andersoniana Blue Stone
Tradescantia andersoniana Rubra
Trifolium ochroleucon
Trifolium repens
Trifolium repens Green Ice
Trifolium repens Harlequin
Tritonia disticha rubrolucens



Valeriana officinalis
Valeriana phu Aurea
Verbascum chaixii
Verbascum Cotswold Queen
Verbascum nigrum
Verbascum nigrum album
Verbascum phoeniceum Violetta
Verbena hastata
Verbena species
Veronica gentianoides
Veronica longifolia
Veronica longifolia Rose Tone
Veronica peduncularis Georgia Blue
Viola cornuta blue
Viola odorata Alba
Viola rivineana Purpurea Group


Waldsteinia ternata


We use shrubs as a backbone to our mixed borders where they provide a permanent framework and some shelter in our exposed hillside garden. Generous planting bays are left for our herbaceous plants. The shrubs are chosen for their evergreen leaves, attractive foliage in a variety of colours or for their long season of flowering.

Abelia grandiflora Francis Mason
Berberis darwinii
Berberis media Red Jewel
Berberis ottawensis Superba
Berberis stenophylla
Berberis stenophylla Irwinii
Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea
Berberis thunbergii Golden Ring
Buxus sempivirens
Buxus sempivirens Aureovariegata
Buxus sempivirens Elegantissima
Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii Profusion
Callistemon subulatus
Camelia Black Lace
Camelia japonica Nuccios Jewel
Camelia japonica Nuccios Pearl
Camelia Spring Festival
Caryopteris clandonensis Ferndown
Ceanothus Autumnal Blue
Ceanothus Southmead
Chaenomeles superba Crimson & Gold
Chaenomeles superba Pink Lady
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Ellwoods Gold
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Elwoods White
Chamaecyparis pisifera Boulevard
Cornus alba
Cornus alba Elegantissima
Cotoneaster salicifolius Rothschildeanus
Deutzia kalmiiflora
Deutzia rosea carminea
Eleagnus macrophylla
Eleagnus pungens Maculata
Elsholtzia stauntonii
Escallonia Apple Blossom
Escallonia C.F. Ball
Escallonia Donard Radiance
Escallonia Edinensis
Escallonia Iveyi
Escallonia rubra Crimson Spire
Euonymus europeaus
Forsythia suspensa Nyemans
Fuchsia Lottie Hobby
Fuchsia magellanica Alba
Fuchsia magellanica Alba Variegata
Fuchsia magellanica Versicolour
Fuchsia Ricartonii
Griselinia littoralis
Hydrangea anomala petiolaris
Hydrangea aspera Villosa
Hydrangea macrophylla Heinrich Seidel
Hydrangea macrophylla King George
Hydrangea macrophylla Lausanne
Hydrangea macrophylla Mariesii Perfecta (Blue Wave)
Hydrangea macrophylla Mariesii Lilacina
Hydrangea macrophylla Tricolour
Hydrangea paniculata Grandiflora
Hydrangea quercifolia
Hypericum androsaemum
Hypericum Hidcote
Ilex altaclerensis Golden King
Ilex aquifolium
Ilex aquifolium Ferox Aurea
Ilex aquifolium Madame Briot
Ilex aquifolium Silver Milkmaid
Ilex aquifolium Silver Queen
Jasminum stephanense
Juniperus chinensis Expansa Variegata
Juniperus pfitzeriana Mint Julep
Kolkwitzia amabalis
Laurus nobilis
Leycesteria crocothyrsos
Leycesteria formosa
Lonicera americana
Lonicera henryi
Lonicera japonica Halliana
Lonicera nitida Lemon Beauty
Lonicera nitida Silver Beauty
Luma apiculata Glanleam Gold
Luma chequen
Myrtus communis Variegata
Philadelphus Belle Etoile
Philadelphus coronarius Variegatus
Philadelphus Virginal
Photinia davidiana Palette
Photinia fraseri Red Robin
Photinia Red Start
Physocarpus opulifolius Darts Gold
Physocarpus opulifolius Diablo
Pieris Flaming Silver
Pieris Forest Flame
Pieris japonica Christmas Cheer
Pieris japonica Mountain Fire
Pieris Little Heath
Pittosporum tenuifolium
Potentilla fruticosa
Potentilla fruticosa Abbotswood Silver
Potentilla fruticosa Chilo
Potentilla fruticosa Daydawn
Potentilla fruticosa Elizabeth
Potentilla fruticosa Grace Darling
Potentilla fruticosa Pink Pearl
Potentilla fruticosa Pretty Polly
Potentilla fruticosa Red Ace
Potentilla fruticosa Tilford Cream
Prunus laurocerasus
Prunus laurocerasus Castlewellan
Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia
Rhododendron Anna Rose Whitney
Rhododendron Beethoven
Rhododendron Blue Diamond
Rhododendron Bluebird
Rhododendron Florida
Rhododendron Golden Flare
Rhododendron Knap Hill Red
Rhododendron Lord Roberts
Rhododendron Orange Scout
Rhododendron Palestrina
Rhododendron Persil
Rhododendron Pink Pearl
Rhododendron Purple Splendour
Rhododendron Sappho
Rhododendron Scarlet Wonder
Rhododendron Scintillation
Rhododendron Unique
Rhododendron viscosum
Ribes sanguineum
Ribes sanguineum Pulborough Scarlet
Ribes sanguineum White Icicle
Rubus Benenden
Rubus spectabilis Olympic Double
Rubus thibetanus (Silver Fern)
Sambucus nigra Black Beauty
Sambucus racemosa Sutherland Gold
Spiraea Arguta
Symphoricarpos albus Taffs White
Ugni molinae
Viburnum bodnantense Dawn
Viburnum opulus Roseum (Sterile)
Viburnum plicatum Mariesii
Viburnum rhytidophyllum
Viburnum sargentii Onondaga
Viburnum tinus
Viburnum tinus Eve Price
Viburnum tinus Purpureum
Vitis vinifera Purpurea
Weigela Bristol Ruby
Weigela florida Foliis Purpureis
Weigela Florida Variegata
Wisteria sinensis


Our tree list is not huge but all the trees listed are tough and grow well on our exposed hillside. Please note that the varieties marked * will not be available until late summer.

Acer rubrum
Acer tataricum ginnala
Alnus glutinosa Imperialis
Alnus glutinosa Laciniata
Arbutus unedo
Betula albosinensis septentrionalis
Betula ermanii
Betula nigra Heritage
Betula pendula Fastigiata
Betula utilis var. jacquemontii
Carpinus betulus
Cercis chinensis
Cornus capitata
Eucalyptus gunnii
Eucryphia nymensis Nymensay
Fagus sylvatica
Fraxinus ornus
Paulownia tomentosa
Populus tremula
Prunus avium
Prunus Umineko
Quercus rubra
Salix alba subsp. vitellina
Sorbus intermedia Brouwers
Taxus baccata
Tilia cordata Bohlje

Ornamental Grasses

We have an extensive list of grasses suitable for all conditions. We grow many varieties in a terraced grass garden which allows the contrasting forms, habits, heights and leaf colours to be appreciated. Grasses are also incorporated into borders, mixed with other plants where they provide a contrast of form and texture: for example the broad, strappy leaves of Luzula sylvatica contrasting with ferns and the lacey foliage of Dicentra.

Acorus calamnus Argenteostriatus
Acorus gramineus
Acorus gramineus Hakuro-nishiki
Acorus gramineus Ogon
Acorus gramineus Variegatus
Alopecurus pratensis Aureovariegatus
Arrhenatherum elatius bulbosum Variegatum
Bouteloua gracilis
Calamagrostis acutiflora Karl Foerster
Calamagrostis acutiflora Overdam
Calamagrostis arundinacea (Stipa arundinacea)
Carex comans Frosted Curls
Carex dipsacea
Carex flagellifera olive green form
Carex hispida
Carex pendula
Carex plantaginea
Carex pseudocyparus
Carex secta
Carex Silver Sceptre
Carex solandri
Carex testacea
Chionochloa rubra
Cyperus eragrostis
Cyperus fuscus
Deschampsia cespitosa Bronzeschleir (Bronze Veil)
Deschampsia cespitosa Goldschleier (Golden Veil)
Elymus canadensis
Elymus magellanicus
Eragrostis curvula
Festuca amethystina
Festuca glauca Elijah Blue
Festuca punctoria
Hakonechloa macra Alboaurea
Luzula sylvatica
Luzula sylvatica Aurea
Luzula sylvatica Auslese
Luzula sylvatica Hohe Tatra
Luzula sylvatica Marginata
Luzula sylvatica Taggarts Cream
Melica altissima Atropurpurea
Milium effusum Aureum
Miscanthus sacchariflorus
Miscanthus sinensis
Miscanthus sinensis Flamingo
Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus
Miscanthus sinensis Grosse Fontane
Miscanthus sinensis Kascade
Miscanthus sinensis Kleine Silberspinne
Miscanthus sinensis Malepartus
Miscanthus sinensis Variegatus
Miscanthus sinensis Yakushima Dwarf
Miscanthus sinensis Zebrinus
Molinia caerulea
Molinia caerulea arundinacea Karl Foerster
Molinia caerulea arundinacea Sky Racer
Molinia caerulea arundinacea Windspiel
Molinia caerulea caerulea Edith Dudszus
Molinia caerulea caerulea Heidebraut
Molinia caerulea caerulea Moorhexe
Molinia caerulea caerulea Variegata
Panicum virgatum Heavy Metal
Panicum virgatum Warrior
Phalaris arundinacea
Phalaris arundinacea picta Aureovariegata
Phalaris arundinacea picta Feesey
Phalaris arundinacea picta Picta
Phragmites australis Variegatus
Poa labillardierei
Schoenus pauciflorus
Spartina pectinata Aureomarginata
Stipa gigantea
Stipa tenuifolia
Stipa tenuissima
Uncinia rubra


Bamboos are really part of the grass family but I have listed them separately as they have a unique character of their own. Their tropical appearance makes them ideal subjects for hardy exotic planting schemes. They produce woody canes, some of them reaching 6 metres in height and many of which are attractively coloured and marked. The leaves are grassy, in all shades of green, some with attractive variegation. Some varieties are available in limited quantities. If travelling a long distance for a particular variety please telephone first to confirm availablilty. Note that the smaller pot sizes only are available mail order unless by special arrangement.

Fargesia nitida
Fargesia nitida Eisensach
Fargesia nitida Nymphenburg
Indocalmus tessellatus
Pleioblastus auricomus
Pleioblastus chino Elegantissima
Pleioblastus variegatus Tsuboii
Pseudosasa japonica
Sasa tsuboinana
Sasa veitchii
Sasaella mamamuneana Albostriata


Ferns are ideal plants for moist shady positions, many having evergreen fronds that provide structure in the winter garden. The diversity and patterning of the fronds is quite diverse as is the height range. Please note that some ferns are available in limited quantities.

Asplenium scolopendrium
Asplenium scolopendrium Angustatum
Athryrium filix-femina Cruciatum Group (Victoriae)
Athyrium niponicum Pictum
Athyrium otophorum okanum
Blechnum penna-marina
Blechnum spicant
Cyrtomium fortunei
Dryopteris affinis Cristata Angustata
Dryopteris cristata
Dryopteris dilatata Lepidota Cristata
Dryopteris erythrosora
Dryopteris filix-mas Cristata
Dryopteris filix-mas Linearis Polydactyla
Dryopteris goldieana
Dryopteris marginalis
Dryopteris sieboldii
Matteucia struthiopteris
Onoclea sensibilis
Osmunda regalis
Osmunda regalis Purpurascens
Polypodium vulgare
Polystichum aculeatum
Polystichum munitum
Polystichum polyblepharum
Polystichum setiferum Acutilobum Group (Prolifereum)
Polystichum setiferum Congestum
Polystichum setiferum Dahlem
Polystichum setiferum Herrenhausen
Polystichum setiferum Plumosomultilobum
Polystichum tsussimense